SOURCE Belgrade is a full-service research agency, specialised in public opinion research in Serbia and Montenegro (including Kosovo) capable of providing clients with services of data collection, entry, processing and analysis within a project, as well as making a complete research.

The thing we would like to point out in our favour are well organized networks of interviewers in the areas which are very interesting for researching, yet which are, due to the recent events, labeled as "high risk regions". By that we mean, first of all, the region of Kosovo, both its parts with Serbian and those with Albanian ethnic majority.

We still have excellent cooperation with the agencies from the region of former Yugoslavia, with which we have cooperated within the group, and we can quickly respond to any demand concerning research work in this area.

Peculiarities of the region we work in gave rise to great experience in our approach to surveys. The interviewers and their work are supervised end evaluated, so that only those with higher average grades are engaged in projects, while the others are sent for additional training. In each survey which includes interviewing, direct control is carried out (visiting the address of the interviewed) of at least 20-30% of all the addresses which the interviewers had visited.

Group discussions and in depth interviews which we organize in the regions are characterized by great experience and professionalism of the moderators who, besides their originating from this region, know well the social and political circumstances, which is sometimes crucial for the successful realization of such surveys.

Our team of operators for data entry use only specialized software which we have adjusted so that it enables us to enter the data from the questionnaires and export them into one of the usual formats (ASCII, SPSS.sav and others) as so called "raw material" within a very short time. Such data, if the client wishes to, we process into "clean data", and, if needed, we analyze them and show them in table form.

If you need any of our services, or if you are interested in some form of cooperation, please contact us by e-mail or telephone, and we will forward you our price list.


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